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Working with TinyMCE

We have upgraded Visual Format text editor within the Templates to TinyMCE. This resolves some of the most common issues such as frequent browser crashes and incompatibilities related to Visual Format.

TinyMCE is a Javascript editor and no installation is required.

The old Visual Format editor toolbar:

Visual Format toolbar

The new TinyMCE editor toolbar:

TinyMCE toolbar

The following features are included in the new editor:

  • Monash stylesheet
  • Paste from Word feature that removes most styles and formating.
  • Paste as Plain Text
  • Indent & Outdent
  • Blockquote
  • Horizontal Ruler
  • Subscript & Superscript
  • Tables

If you encounter any issues with the new editor, please log a HEAT job with the CMS Team.

TinyMCE Compatibility Chart

Based on our tests, the most compatible browsers are Internet Explorer (IE) and Google Chrome. You can use other browsers (such as Firefox), but you need to aware of the issues in the table below.

 Windows XPWindows VistaMac OS X
IE 6 OK[1] N/A N/A
IE 7 OK[1] OK[1] N/A
IE 8 OK[1] OK[1] N/A
Firefox 2 OK[2][3] OK[2][3] N/A
Firefox 3 OK[2][3] OK[2][3] OK[3][4][5]
Google Chrome OK[3] OK[3] N/A
Safari 3 OK[3] OK[3] N/A
Safari 4 No No No[4][5][6]


  1. Copying and pasting content with hyperlinks from the same browser will result in broken hyperlinks. Use  "Paste from Word" as a workaround to resolve this issue.
  2. Copying and pasting content with hyperlinks from different browser will result in broken hyperlinks.
  3. Cut, Copy, or Paste buttons may not work. Use keyboard shortcuts.
  4. Format dropdown menu does not work.
  5. Copying and pasting content with hyperlinks and format from different browser will result in pasting as text only.
  6. Unable to insert a new table.

What are the differences among Paste, Paste as Plain Text and Paste from Word?

Paste - The common paste that includes all formatting and styles depending on the type browsers that you are using. In some cases where the content contains hyperlinks, the links maybe incorrectly pasted.

Paste as Plain Text - Removes all hyperlinks, tables, attachments, formatting and styles. Content is pasted as text only.

Paste as Plain Text

Paste from Word - A special paste function that cleans up and removes unwanted codes from Word documents and HTML sources. This function is not compatible with Firefox browsers.

Paste from Word

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