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CMS System Requirement

Supported End-User (Client) OS

Windows XP SP2
Windows XP SP1a
Windows 2000
Mac 10.3
Solaris 9

Supported End-User (Client) Browser or Other Software

Windows XP SP2: IE 6.0 SP2, Firefox 2
Windows XP SP1a: IE 6.0 SP1, Firefox 2
Windows 2000: IE 6.0 SP1, IE 5.5 SP2, SP3, Firefox 2
Mac 10.3: Firefox 2
Solaris 9: Firefox 2

Email Clients:
Windows XP SP1: Outlook 2002
Windows 2000: Outlook 2000
Solaris: dtmail
Mac: Mail 10.3

Required Softwares to use CMS

Sun JVM 1.4.2

Front Office Client (optional)

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CMS Support